Expanding the performance team

We are happy to announce that our Performance Team is expanding! There´s no doubt that our athletes need the best preconditions surrounding them to succeed. That is why we have hired Kasper Straube Hansen as a physiotherapist in the Performance Team.

The role as a physiotherapist in Heroic has already started and the team has been welcoming Kasper with the victory in ESL Pro League. Kasper is excited while telling about his favorite moment in Heroic so far:

– My favorite moment in Heroic is definitely when cadiaN clutched and we won the ESL Pro League. It was not only the winning and the clutching, but the whole atmosphere that day and whole week was crazy. When I agreed to join Heroic, I was not really sure what I had actually said yes to. That day it became clear to me that I was in it for the long run.

Kasper has a long experience from the sports scene. He has been working with both professional and semi-professional soccer for many years, as a physiotherapist and osteopath. However, his interest for esports has been growing recently and he finally found his home in Heroic.

– I have been really interested in eSport because it is really entertaining as a spectator. My interest grew further when I started working with a couple of eSport players in my private clinic. I was not bored of soccer, but I felt attracted to working with eSport players because I saw an opportunity to work with them in more than just one direction. Working with eSport players is demanding, but I now have the opportunity to improve both their general health and also performance, which is both really interesting for me. I share a lot of common ideas and approaches with the rest of the performance team as well, which motivates me a lot, says Kasper.

The physiotherapist has also made up his mind about the CS:GO team, not only as athletes, but also on a social level. He shares his thoughts:

– On a social level, I think the CS:GO team is awesome. All of them are more or less different to each other and it is really cool to see so many different personalities coming together with a common goal. I can already feel that they have a good chemistry both in-game and out-game, which I think makes my job a lot easier. They are obviously really skilled when it comes to Counterstrike, but I also see a lot of similarities with other athletes from other sports when it comes to preparation, dedication and performance. They are extremely detail-oriented both on and out of the server and I think that we should praise Troels a little bit for what he has done for the team when it comes to their mentality.

Why does an esports team need a physiotherapist?

Heroic is an organization that works hard every day to become the nordic powerhouse within esports. To reach our goal, we will need world leading teams which perform at a high level. We are currently on that level with PUBG and CS:GO. The Performance team is one of the keys to success in the teams.

– The Performance team is a team of individuals specialised in their own field, focusing on bringing their expertise to the team and players as individuals. Their job is to ensure and help us to get the very best performance out of our players. As one of the best teams in the world, in respective esport, every single percentage that can be gained will be an advantage when fighting in the top tournaments we aim to win, says CGO of Heroic, Erik Askered.

Kasper adds his thoughts about the impotence of the athletes being pain free:

– At Heroic, we want our players to have the best conditions to perform. Therefore, we want our players to be painfree. We do not want them to sit with an aching neck or a painful wrist. Therefore, treatment and prevention of those injuries are of outmost importance to us. Also, we know that physical activity improves a lot of aspects, which are important for us to perform as good as possible. Among other things, physical activity will improve your ability to learn, remember, concentrate etc. Also, I think that we have a huge responsibility when it comes to general health and stress. When your fulltime job is to sit in front of a computer you increase the risk of various diseases, which is something that no employer should allow their employees.